Employee Satisfaction

Apple Begins to Improve Working Conditions at Supplier Plants

By Dan Sherman

Apple’s suppliers have had a murky history with working conditions. Eighteen workers attempted suicide in one facility in 2010 and one died of exhaustion because of the working conditions at the plant.

The response from the supplier? Force employees to sign non-suicide agreements and install nets on the buildings.… Read More

A Celebration of Women and All We Do!

By Danielle Burns, Vice President, Advisor Relations

March 8, 2014 was International Woman’s Day. That was a great day to reflect on the social, political and economic achievements of women, and the positive impacts women have on our families, communities, and the organizations with which we are involved.… Read More

Where Have All the Jobs Gone?

By Mel Miller, Chief Economist

In a recent blog I discussed the growing problem of student loan debt and the fact that recent college graduates’ unemployment rate is double the national average. As the economy continues its slow recovery from the Great Recession one must ask “Where are the jobs?”

Also bearing discovery is whether college graduates have received the skills required by employers.… Read More

Raising the Minimum Wage Makes Good Sense

By Mel Miller, Chief Economist

Now that Congress is back in session, the rhetoric will focus on some key initiatives. Raising the minimum wage will likely be a key political battle in 2014. There seems to be some hope that the two political parties can reach a compromise similar to one recently reached on the budget.… Read More

Bangladeshi Garment Workers Need Our Help

By Michael Schweibinz

Bangladesh is the world’s second largest exporter of apparel after China. A fire on October 8, 2013 at a garment factory just outside the capital city, Dhaka, killed ten people. It’s the latest in a series of garment manufacturing catastrophes that have killed more than one thousand workers in the past year alone.… Read More

Human Rights Disclosure Gains Momentum

By: Michael Schweibinz

Human rights issues are of great interest and concern for many businesses and stakeholders. Why, then, has mandatory reporting of material human rights issues not been incorporated into accounting and reporting standards? The International Corporate Accountability Roundtable (ICAR) has posed this exact question to the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).… Read More

What Workers Want: Less Money, More Impact

By Steve Schueth

The prevailing wisdom is that a higher salary equals a happy worker. That idea might be changing.

A report released by the Net Impact organization details what employees from younger generations want today. The report, titled “Talent Report: What Workers Want in 2012,” comes from a survey of 1,726 people, consisting of a quarter college students, 47 percent millennials, and 28 percent Gen X and Boomers.… Read More