The SRI Conference

The Grand Strategy Project

By: Michael Schweibinz

Patrick Doherty , the founding co-director of the Strategic Innovation Lab at Case Western University, was one of many enlightening speakers who took center stage at the 25th annual SRI Conference in early November. Mr. Doherty presented the essence of a multi-year, multi-stakeholder project focused on developing a new “Grand Strategy” for the United States (video and visuals).… Read More

Millennials Changing the Investment Conversation

By Lauren Morrell

The millennial generation—today’s young adults born between 1980 and 2000—will inherit the increasing burdens of the world, including the dramatic changes that result from global warming. They will also benefit from the largest transfer of wealth in history: some $41 trillion over the next 40 years, 70% of which will likely go to women.… Read More

Regulate by Retail: Assessing Shareholder Risk in Corporate Supply Chains

By Lauren Morrell

A panel of experts at the 25th annual SRI Conference discussed the power of investors, consumers, and public interest groups to influence corporate practices and regulations that seek to guide more responsible company behavior. The panel included Robert Frisbee, CEO of the Green Electronics Council, and Glenn Hurowitz, Managing Director of Climate Advisers, who shared observations on the progress made by their organizations to improve the way businesses operate around the world.… Read More

Dell: A Green Road Ahead

Some international corporations have watched from the sidelines as smaller companies have taken a commanding lead to the race to go green. Dell on the other hand has decided to become an industry leader in sustainability.

Last week, Dell announced several goals to enhance its long-term corporate responsibility agenda: 2020 Legacy of Good.… Read More